Innovative Brands Use Big Data to Improve Sticker Branding

We have noticed a trend in big data journalism. Topics that receive the most attention aren’t necessarily those that deserve it the most...

April 18, 2019

Sift’s ‘news therapy’ app aims to promote understanding, not anxiety

Is reading the news feeling a little stressful today? Can’t imagine why. Don’t worry: you’re not alone. A Pew Research..

April 18, 2019

Can business intelligence transform the link building process?

By using AI to develop better marketing procedures, businesses can boost their visibility to potential clients and achieve a higher level..

April 18, 2019

Real-time analytics seen as key for successful data management strategies

More companies are looking to perform analytics on data as soon as it comes into systems and applications, in order to gain insights more..

April 17, 2019

How Wix Is Using Predictive Analytics To Deliver Top-Tier Websites

Predictive analytics is the foundation of modern marketing. Companies rely on predictive analytics to: Get a better understanding of..

April 16, 2019

6 Valuable Business Intelligence Lessons From Brexit

Almost everyone has heard of Brexit, even if they aren’t directly feeling the change. The term has made news around the world almost..

April 12, 2019

Master Excel to kickstart a career in data analytics by taking this online course

If Friends was set in the present day, and Chandler, Joey, Rachel, and Monica were playing the who-knows-who-best trivia game, the girls..

April 12, 2019

A fight is in progress between two machine intelligence companies, and neither side looks all that smart

Sometimes, reading a lawsuit, it’s tempting to pick sides, to judge who is more right than wrong based on its contents. But a new..

April 11, 2019

Google Cloud Data Fusion lets you see all your data sets before ingesting them in BigQuery

Google is announcing several updates to its data analytics products at its Google Cloud Next developer conference today. The company wants..

April 10, 2019

Google makes the power of BigQuery available in Sheets

Google today announced a new services that makes the power of BigQuery, its analytics data warehouse, available in Sheets, its web-based..

April 10, 2019
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