MDM Trends: The Good, the Bad, and the Inevitable

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To provide your organization with the foundational components necessary to build competitive advantage and to be market responsive, take a look at the good, bad, and inevitable aspects of master data management.

Using Business Intelligence to Increase Company Efficiency

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Together, business and intelligence are what create a powerful, profitable corporation.

Q&A: Don’t Present Results, Tell Stories

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All those fancy tools for charting and graphing won't help you unless you know your audience and tell stories about a few key results.

Q&A: Teradata Sees Opportunity in New Technologies

Social media and unstructured data offer some exciting opportunities for your enterprise.

Tableau 6.0 Improves Speed, Blends Data

Data engine brings drag-and-drop business intelligence to massive data

Queplix Offers Free Virtual Data Viewer For Faster Implementation of Data Initiatives, Rapid ROI

New data virtualization product enables users to streamline steps to data migration, management, and integration with clear view of database schema and application structures

The Ramifications of Trusted Data

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What is "trusted data" and how do we achieve it?

Metadata Management: An Imperative for Your Enterprise

A new report delves into the importance, use, and management of metadata and how it's become a critical component for your enterprise.
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