Data Warehouse Architecture: Anticipating Future Needs

Even if their existing data warehouse architecture satisfies current requirements, organizations need to be prepared to address their future needs.

Collaboration Best Practices for Data Management/Business Process Reengineering

Is it time to re-examine and reengineer how you create, read, update, and delete data in your enterprise? These tips will help you get off to a great start.

Q&A: Game Publisher Scores a Win with BI Analytics

In the hyper-competitive world of massively multiplayer online games, quick access to data is helping gaming company En Masse Entertainment make the right decisions.

What Does R Integration Really Mean For BI Platforms?

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I just received yet another call from a reporter asking me to comment on yet another BI vendor announcing R integration. All leading BI vendors are embedding/integrating with R these days, so I was not sure what was really new in the announcement. I guess the real question is the level of integration. For example: Since R

Q&A: Make Your Data Tell a Story

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Researcher, lecturer, and graphical presentation specialist Jonathan Koomey discusses how to improve visual presentations with a few simple rules.

Big Data Meets Cloud

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Cloud Services Offer New Opportunities For Big Data Solutions What's better than writing about one hot topic? Well, writing about two hot topics in one blog post -- and here you go: The State Of BI In The Cloud Over the past few years, BI business intelligence (BI) was the overlooked stepchild of cloud solutions and market

Q&A: How Big Data Can Drive Optimal Pricing Decisions

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Setting the optimal prices for your company's products or services is vital to your firm's financial health. We explore big data's role in setting pricing

Is Collaboration the Killer App for Mobile BI?

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What's the killer app for business intelligence? Two years after the debut of the iPad, we still don't know, though there are lots of opinions.

Symantec Big Data Solution Makes Apache Hadoop Enterprise Ready

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Cluster File System technology gives customers timely business insights using their existing infrastructure.

Moneyball and the Limits of Predictive Analysis

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Could predictive analytics be used as extensively in business as it is in baseball?
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