3 Emerging Innovations for BI and Analytics

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As 2013 gets closer, here are three exciting and impactful technology innovations we are likely to see and that will likely capture your attention.

Terracotta Introduces Free, Real-Time Big Data Access

BigMemory Go underscores shift in data management strategies.

What Do BI Vendors Mean When They Say They Integrate With Hadoop

There's certainly a lot of hype out there about big data. As I previously wrote, some of it is indeed hype, but there are still many legitimate big data cases - I saw a great example during my last business trip. Hadoop certainly plays a key role in the big data revolution, so all business intelligence

Case Study: Analytic Software Tracks Billions of Mobile Ad Responses

For big data challenges, look no further than the world of mobile advertising, where the need for nearly instant tracking of responses from millions of consumers to ads popping up on their mobile devices means a big need for near-real-time analytics.

Clearing Up Big Data/Hadoop Confusion

Data management vendors are anxious to put their own spins on big data.

New BI DW Ecosystem

Forget tools, forget systems, forget architectures. Forget data itself. What's needed is a radically new information ecosystem.

Q&A: How Data Virtualization Can Rein in Disruptive Technologies

Composite Software executive Robert Eve discusses major trends disrupting information management and business intelligence and how enterprises can respond effectively.

Demand for Analytics Keeps Growing

Growth in demand for business analytic software was impressive last year, and big data is a big reason why.

OpTier Introduces Big Data Analytics Solution

OpTier Big Data Analytics cuts time and cost of analytics; gives clients quality contextual data.

Future BI: The Era of Open or Saleable Data

In some cases, data might be more valuable as a marketable product than as grist for internal analysis.
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