How Autonomous Cars Will Benefit Enterprise-Scale Analytics and BI

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What does a car that drives itself have to do with BI? The connection is stronger than you might think.

Make data confidence index part of your BI architecture

I often see two ends of the extreme when I talk to clients who are trying to deal with data confidence challenges. One group typically sees it as a problem that IT has to address, while business users continue to use spreadsheets and other home-grown apps for BI. At the other end of the extreme, there's a

With ‘big data’ out of the box, maintaining order is a must

It’s easy to foretell continued growth in big data investments next year. But proper management and governance are needed to derive real business value from all that info.

Big Data Strata Hadoop World

At Strata + Hadoop World, vendors scrambled to stake their claims in a big data market most analysts believe is still riding a rising tide of hype.

SiSense Touts 3G Discovery and Analysis

SiSense is taking its pitch directly to business users -- much like insurgent BI specialists QlikTech and Tableau did half a decade (or more) ago.

Are Enterprises Getting Serious About Governance?

Thanks to big data and self-service BI, enterprises might finally be getting serious about data governance.

Big Data Challenging the Status Quo

Big data is about mixing, mashing, and commingling all kinds of (seemingly unrelated) information together. This has big implications for BI and data warehousing.

BI/DW Agility: Go Faster, But Not Too Fast

Organizations implementing agile methods have to ensure that project schedules allow for enough iteration to enable agile teams to uncover and incorporate new requirements into their applications. Only then will the faster pace of development create a faster path to information advantage.

Mastering SAP HANA data modeling for maximum performance

Expert Don Loden explains the different types of modeling in SAP HANA and how to approach building data structures that will support maximum performance at all levels within SAP HANA.

BI Gone Viral – Small Companies Make Analytics Pervasive

The advantages a large enterprise has over a small company are typically well understood: a deeper and more diverse pool of internal skill sets, greater potential for CapEx to support the business, etc.  However, larger organizations often suffer from a phenomenon that small companies can avoid simply because of their size – the closing off [...]
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