Q&A: BI, Mobile, and Collaboration

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QlikTech's Donald Farmer discusses how mobile technologies are fundamentally changing BI, sometimes in ways you might not expect.

Making BI Analytics Fun

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The search for BI insight already has a game-like feel to it. Advocates of "gamification" want to amplify this effect and immerse BI users in their task.

Pitney Bowes Portrait Explorer Tames Big Data on Desktops

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Customer analytics software tool displays customer information graphically to improve targeting queries, highlight data quality problems.

Busting 10 Myths about Hadoop

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Hadoop is still misunderstood by many BI professionals.

IBM Cognos Insight Introduced

Updates to performance management solution helps users easily access any data source, explore data, and build visualizations without help from IT.

BI Experts: Big Data Goes Public

Facebook's IPO has drawn attention to the importance of social media data.

Oracle Exalytics In-Memory Machine Released

Engineered system for in-memory decision support, online analytical processing, forecasting, and planning.

Why IBM Wants to Put Mainframes at the Center of BI

IBM asks the not-so-obvious question: If you already have a mainframe in-house, why not make it the centerpiece of your business intelligence and data warehouse efforts?

2012: Year of Cloud BI

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There’s no doubt that customers will continue their migration from in-house BI to BI in the cloud. We explore best practices for cloud BI and the limitations this technology imposes.

Q&A: Moving Beyond Traditional Data Virtualization

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Composite Software VP Robert Eve has co-written a new book on data virtualization. In this interview, he describes going beyond traditional data virtualization and discusses some of the lessons from the book's 10 high-profile case studies.
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