Uber joins Linux Foundation, cementing commitment to open-source tools

Uber announced today at the 2018 Uber Open Summit that it was joining the Linux Foundation as a Gold Member, making a firm commitment to using and contributing to open-source tools. Uber CTO Thuan Pham sees the Linux Foundation as a place for companies like his to nurture and develop open-source projects. “Open source technology is the backbone of many of Uber’s core services and as we continue to mature, these solutions will become ever more important,” he said in a blog post announcing the partnership.

HPE brings InfoSight’s predictive analytics to HPE servers

InfoSight, which gathers operational intelligence from infrastructure to offer predictions and suggestions, was previously only available on storage.

6 Business Intelligence Trends to Watch For in 2019

The goal of business intelligence (BI) is to thoughtfully and purposefully collect and analyze past information to support an organization and make better decisions about it. As the new year approaches, 2019 business intelligence trends are creating a buzz. Even though the reason why companies engage in business intelligence remains relatively consistent from year to year, the ways those establishments go about it differ over time.

The Growing Importance of Big Data in the Pharmaceutical Industry

My colleagues have raised many valid points about the evolving role of big data in the healthcare industry. Most of the focus is on the role of big data in healthcare delivery at hospitals and clinics. However, there is a very important reason that big data is needed in the pharmaceutical industry as well. A 2013 report from James Cattell at McKinsey states that big data can add $100 billion in value to the pharmaceutical industry by improving research and development.

Baidu leads $300M investment to bring its search smarts to elevator ads

China’s largest search engine Baidu is getting an offline revenue boost after it led a $300 million strategic round in Xinchao Media, a company that shows people ads when they’re waiting for an elevator – or stuck in one. The tie-up will see the partners collaborate on data integration that knits reams of search data from Baidu with Xinchao’s offline data. Baidu also says it will “empower” Xinchao with its big data algorithms and artificial intelligence technology, which, in other words, could make elevator ads more relevant as Xinchao has now deciphered people’s online behavior.

Smart Data Is Changing Multi-Board System Design

Smart data has led to the development of autonomous manufacturing. Most experts believe that the benefits of machine learning and predictive analytics in manufacturing is the improved efficiency and shortened turnaround times. However, there are other advantages of smart data that must be carefully incorporated into the manufacturing sector. Big data is also leading to the introduction of newer and more sophisticated industrial applications.

Data Silos: Now and Forever?

Data management experts share suggestions on why we are still dealing with data silos and how to break them down.

Understanding The Role Of Big Data In Creating An Ad Network

Ad networks have become far more dependent on big data than ever. A 2017 Entrepreneur article titled “How Big Data is Solving Big Advertiser Problems” attempted to address these challenges. Andrew Medal, the author of the article and the founder of Agent Beta, said that big data is vital to creating personalized campaigns and improving customer targeting. In order to deliver these solutions to advertisers, they need to develop a clear understanding of the customer footprint.

Can Predictive Analytics Prevent DDoS Attacks Against SME Websites?

Big data is changing the nature of cybersecurity. Many of the applications don’t receive a lot of publicity, but are still very important. Small businesses are facing many different types of cyberattacks. And in turn, it’s important to know how to prevent DDoS attacks. They have to deal with many different types of malware, including viruses, trojans and worm attacks. Ransomware attacks have become much more prevalent over the past few years.

Stay classy: Amazon’s Jassy gets sassy with Larry

AWS boss claims consumer division has switched off Oracle data warehouse Amazon’s consumer business has switched off its Oracle data warehouse and will be almost Big Red-free by Christmas – at least according to AWS boss Andy Jassy.…
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