Traders betting against Tesla are finally making millions

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APBetting against Tesla this year has been an exercise in futility, as short sellers have repeatedly been burned by one of the market's hottest stocks. Their patience is finally paying off. Those investors have made $72 million over the past two weeks as Tesla's stock has plunged 11%, putting a dent in a massive year-to-date gain that totaled 80% at its 2017 peak, according to data compiled by financial analytics firm S3 Partners.

Hierarchical Storage Management is back. And this time it’s cloudy

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KompriseCloud can now shunt data between different cloud storage operators Data management software vendor Komprise has added extra cold cloud tiers to its data lifecycle manager, which moves data to slower access storage tiers without affecting its accessibility.…

Strata 2017 Postmortem: More virtual data lake, more operational machine learning

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Our takeaways from this fall's Strata main event are that enterprise data lakes are going the (virtual) way of enterprise data warehouses, and that for now, machine learning is more accessible than IoT to developers.

Need for a Unified Marketing Database

The need to integrate data in business processes is obvious and companies are today spending millions to ensure this. There are obvious benefits that we get out of data integration. But as we realize the complexity of the information that we have access to, we are now confronted with the problem of creating a data infrastructure. The sheer volume of data on virtually everything means that we now have a complex set of data that is highly fragmented.

Are you the master of your data?

Data-driven business strategies, including the use of predictive analytics, empower organizations to be more efficient and competitive.

General Datatech, Using Predictive Analytics, Might Fix Your Next IT Issue A Month Before It Happens

The Dallas-based solution provider said its SAP HANA platform has enabled a faster, more streamlined ITOA experience that allows for predictive analytics via machine learning tools.

Cloudera serves up ‘secret sauce’ for unified data management

CTO: Engineers spend half their time on this, customers need educating on the ingredient list Cloudera has become the latest company to offer up a set of tools to unify data management, with its SDX framework, which it describes as the platform's "secret sauce".…

IBM launches unified data analytics system, promises machine learning for all

Big Blue analytics boss wants to automate, automate, then automate some more IBM has announced a unified analytics system that allows data scientists to work across multiple data stores in ways the company said should eliminate time-consuming data integration and preparation.…

MapR to do real-time analytics on your operational data

It's as if the data warehouse never happened. Which may not be a bad thing StrataConf  Hadoop-flinger MapR has added a host of new capabilities to its database in a bid to offer developers more powerful real-time analytics.…

Back-from-the-brink X-IO has a new, bright & shiny all-flash array

Dedupe and hot-swap drives with monitored telemetry and predictive analytics X-IO has moved on from its ISE sealed array of disk drives to a 60-slot, hot-swap deduping all-flash array with monitored telemetry and predictive analytics.…
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