India’s Zomato raises $62 million from Temasek

Indian food delivery startup Zomato has raised $62 million from Singapore’s Temasek, resuming a financing round that it originally expected to close in January this year. Singapore’s state investment arm Temasek financed the capital through its unit MacRitchie Investments, a regulatory filing showed. Business intelligence firm Tofler shared the filing with TechCrunch. A Zomato spokesperson in India did not respond to a request for comment Wednesday afternoon.

InCountry raises $18M more to help SaaS companies store data locally

We’re seeing a gradual expansion of national regulations that require data from SaaS applications to be stored locally, in the country where it’s sourced and used. Today a startup that’s built a service around that need — specifically, data residency-as-a-service — is announcing some funding to continue building out its company amid strong demand. InCountry, which provides a set of solutions — comprising software as well as some consultancy — that helps companies comply with local regulations when adopting SaaS products, has raised $18 million in funding.

PicnicHealth raises $25 million for its patient health record management service

PicnicHealth, the startup that’s looking to give patients a way to manage their care in one place and pharmaceutical companies access to patient records for real world data, has just raised $25 million in financing to grow its business. Founded in 2016 by a former international development worker and Crohn’s Disease patient, Noga Leviner, PicnicHealth’s initial pitch was around giving patients the ability to manage and coordinate their own care.

SAX And Other Big Data Advances Revolutionize Stock Future Trading

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The financial industry is incredibly dynamic. One of the reasons is its incredible resilience and dependence on rapidly changing technology. A prime example is the growing use of big data for stock future trading. Predictive analytics models have proven to be remarkably effective with the stock futures market. One company that uses big data to forecast stock prices has found that its algorithms outperform similar forecasts by 26%.

Growing Importance Of Predictive Analytics For Recovery Point Objectives

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Predictive analytics is revolutionizing the future of cybersecurity. A growing number of digital security experts are using predictive analytics algorithms to improve their risk scoring models. The features of predictive analytics are becoming more important as online security risks worsen. As TechCrunch pointed out in one article, the classification of cybercriminals is no longer limited to individuals using old school scripts. They also include hostile state actors and corporate espionage threats.

Real Estate and Big Data: A Match Made in Heaven?

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It’s easy to draw correlations between big data and certain areas of the business world. For example, it makes sense that a tech company would leverage big data, or that a software company would use it to develop a cutting edge SaaS offering. But in real estate, does big data really have a place at the table? Those inside the industry would say yes – and resoundingly so!

How Big Data has Redefined the Legal Industry

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Rooted in Greek civilization, law is one of the world’s oldest professions, and for all these years, particularly in America, has been steadfast in its commitment to justice for all, and as a way to change things for the better. American lawyer Clarence Darrow, once said, “Justice has nothing to do with what goes on in a courtroom; Justice is what comes out of a courtroom.” While justice is the noble aim of law which has remained constant over the years, the legal industry, until recently, was also insulated from a fast-changing world of technology.

Grid raises $12M Series A to turn spreadsheets into visual ‘narratives’

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Grid, a SaaS startup founded in Iceland that lets you turn spreadsheets into visual “narratives,” has closed $12 million in Series A funding. The round is led by New Enterprise Associates (NEA), with participation from existing investors BlueYard Capital, Slack Fund, Acequia Capital and other unnamed “strategic” partners. The injection of capital will be used by the company to bring its product to market and for further product development.

Here are the 94 companies from Y Combinator’s Summer 2020 Demo Day 2

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And we’re back! Today was part two of Y Combinator’s absolutely massive Demo Day(s) event for its Summer 2020 class. As we outlined yesterday, this is the first YC accelerator class to take place entirely online, from the day zero interviews all the way on through to their eventual demo day debut. We talked with YC President Geoff Ralston about what it was like to take the program fully remote (and whether or not it’ll be staying remote for the long run) in an ExtraCrunch interview here.

Industry experts say it’s full speed ahead as Snowflake files S-1 to go public

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When Snowflake filed its S-1 to go public yesterday, it wasn’t exactly a shock. The company which raised $1.4 billion had been valued at $12.4 billion in its last private raise in February. CEO Frank Slootman, who had taken over from Bob Muglia in May last year, didn’t hide the fact that going public was the end game. When we spoke to him in February at the time of his mega $479 million raise, he was candid about the fact he wanted to take his company to the next level, and predicted it could happen as soon as this summer.
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