Fivetran announces $15M Series A to build automated data pipelines

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Fivetran, a startup that builds automated data pipelines between data repositories and cloud data warehouses and analytics tools, announced a $15 million Series A investment led by Matrix Partners. Fivetran helps move data from source repositories like Salesforce and NetSuite to data warehouses like Snowflake or analytics tools like Looker. Company CEO and co-founder George Frasier says that the automation is the key differentiator here between his company and competitors like Informatica and SnapLogic.

10 top analytics and business intelligence trends for 2019

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New data quality management practices, data discovery techniques and predictive and prescriptive analytics tools will be among the top trends impacting analytics and business intelligence.

TIBCO to buy data management firm Orchestra Networks: sources

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TIBCO Software Inc, a large privately-held business software provider, is acquiring French data management company Orchestra Networks in a move that will bolster its ability to help clients organize customer data, according to sources familiar with the matter.

Geospatial Data Brings Value Across Industries

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Location, location, location – place is as significant when buying a house as it is when running a business, growing crops, or planning a military campaign. And no matter what activity you’re embarking on, it’s a uniquely good time to be manipulating geospatial data. Geospatial data sets are information rich and the overall available data has been growing by 20% per year over the estimate 1 petabyte recorded in 2009, and there are countless ways to leverage that information for financial gain.

Advances In Data Lakes Are Driving The Evolution Of Big Data

Big data has evolved, due to changes in data storage technology. New data centers, cloud servers, and other types of data storage technology are changing the field in spectacular ways. This is clear to anybody that monitors the Cloudwick system or watches for advances in data lakes. Cloudwick is one of the many solutions that has been impacted by the evolution of big data.

Big Data Is The Driving Force Behind New Colocation Services

Big data is playing a very important role in the future of cloud services. It ensures scalability, while also making it easier for providers to deliver superior services. The emergence of colocation services is a perfect example. How is Big Data Connected with Colocation Services? Mission Critical Magazine recently penned a great article on the intersection between colocation services and the growth of big data.

The attributes that define the increasingly critical Data-as-a-Service industry

Alex Rosen Contributor Alex Rosen is managing director at Ridge Ventures. More posts by this contributor An inside look into a venture negotiation Building a Series A SaaS valuation estimator (2017 edition) It’s now common in tech to describe data as “the new oil or electricity” — a fuel that will power innovation and company growth for the foreseeable future. However, data is far from a novel industry.

How Instagram Growth Tools Use Predictive Analytics Algorithms

Predictive analytics has played a key role in numerous marketing functions, particularly Instagram growth tools. A large number of organizations have used Google Trends to forecast future revenue growth and identify the most lucrative keywords to focus on. However, there are other predictive analytics applications that have received far less attention. Nevertheless, these functions are equally important. Instagram marketing is one of the newest fields that rely on predictive analytics.

Amazon Will Be Off All Oracle Databases By End of 2019, Says AWS Chief

Amazon Web Services CEO Andy Jassy said in an interview on Wednesday that almost all of Amazon's databases that ran on Oracle will be on an Amazon database instead. "We're virtually done moving away from Oracle on the database side," Jassy said. "And I think by the end of 2019 or mid-2019 we'll be done." CNBC reports: Amazon is reducing its reliance on Oracle for its data needs and is instead using its own services.

Red Hat acquires hybrid cloud data management service NooBaa

Red Hat is in the process of being acquired by IBM for a massive $34 billion, but that deal hasn’t closed yet and, in the meantime, Red Hat is still running independently and making its own acquisitions, too. As the company today announced, it has acquired Tel Aviv-based NooBaa, an early-stage startup that helps enterprises manage their data more easily and access their various data providers through a single API.
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