Advertising Technology at the Crossroads

State of Affairs The Gartner 2021 Magic Quadrant for Ad Tech captures the advertising technology industry at a crossroads. For roughly two decades, digital advertising has grown in scale and sophistication, becoming reliant on personal data for effective targeting and personalization. Now, growing consumer demands for privacy—and the actions undertaken by firms and governments to respond— have prompted a change in that trajectory.

Beginners Guide to Using Analytics to Invest in Stocks

Data analytics has become a crucial element of the financial industry. Financial institutions such as mutual funds and insurance companies are using big data to improve their operations. The market for financial analytics services is expected to be worth $14 billion by 2026. However, large financial organizations aren’t the only ones relying on big data technology. Individual consumers are also using data to better meet their own financial goals.

Veeam reveals cloud storage use patterns: Azure and AWS for bulk, IBM has ardent fans, Google has … not much

Average cloudy data stash hits 15TB and and median value tripled to over 3TB Data management software vendor Veeam has offered a snapshot (pardon the pun) of how its customers put different public clouds to work.…

Why Data-Driven Outsourcing Can Be a Massive Win for Your Business

Big data technology has been instrumental in changing the direction of countless industries. Companies have found that data analytics and machine learning can help them in numerous ways. Big data has helped companies identify promising cost-saving measures, recruit the best talent, optimize their marketing strategies and realize many other benefits. However, there are a lot of other benefits of big data that have not gotten as much attention.

5 Ways to Use Digital Signage for Data-Centric B2B Companies

We have frequently talked about the merits of using big data for B2C businesses. One of the reasons that we focus on these sectors is that there is so much data on consumers, which makes it easier to create a solid business model with big data. However, data analytics technology can be just as useful with regards to creating a successful B2B business.

More business schools are integrating sustainability into core courses and MBA programs, helping graduates become extra attractive to employers

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At Georgetown, students are learning the business of sustainability. vichie81/iStock An MBA is a common degree among business leaders, including 40% of Fortune 500 CEOs. Students and employers want business schools to add more sustainability-focused master's programs. Top MBA programs are also integrating sustainability into their research, curriculum, and hiring. As sustainability becomes a growing issue among more companies, students are increasingly signing up for graduate business programs offering more courses, advanced degrees, and job opportunities that integrate corporate and environmental interests.Demand from both students and employers has led business schools in the US, Canada, and Europe to expand core courses and flagship MBA programs to better include the issue of sustainability.

Learn Advanced Excel Skills to Power Your Business

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Discover data management and analysis strategies with Excel.

Examples of Using Kanban Boards with Data Visualization Tools

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Data analytics technology has become an integral part of organizational management. This is a topic that MQ Shabbir addressed in a study that was published in Springer Open last year. There are a lot of different ways that big data can help companies streamline certain processes and resolve various challenges that they face. The advent of data visualization has made it easier than ever.

Why Metaversial Business Is a Very Long Way Off

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[Reminder - these blogs are analyst personal opinion, not Gartner published research] “Open up your firewalls to let your people access us!”  said Philip Rosedale, founder of Second Life, as I recall. He was being interviewed on stage by my colleague Steve Prentice (now retired), who asked what the hundreds of CIOs and IT leaders in the audience could do to advance corporate use of immersive virtual worlds for business.

The Importance of Leveraging Analytics in Ecommerce Website Design

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Analytics technology is incredibly important in almost every facet of business. Virtually every industry has found some ways to utilize analytics technology, but some are relying on it more than others. The e-commerce sector is among those that has relied most heavily on analytics technology. Many e-commerce sites are discovering more innovative ways to apply data analytics. One of the most important benefits of analytics in e-commerce is in the web design process.
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