Snowflake launches Financial Services Data Cloud, touts big customer wins

Western Union used Snowflake to consolidate 35 data warehouses and digitize its services around the world.

Hype Cycle for Supply Chain Strategy 2021

The Hype Cycle for Supply Chain Strategy has turned 6 this year. Since its inception, its main charter has been to educate and inform CSCOs and supply chain strategy leaders on the top supply chain capabilities that are critical to both continuous improvement and innovation. We track each of these capabilities along their life cycle, starting with an Innovation Trigger, a major event or breakthrough that generates industry interest.

Great Benefits of Leveraging Big Data in Investing

What is value investing? It is when an investor gets stock at cheaper prices than the actual value of the stock. However, value investing is challenging for most people. Successful investors find suitable assets like post pandemic dividends and monitor their stocks. In addition, they make the right decisions to ensure their projects are successful. Understanding the characteristics, which define undervalued stocks, can help you maximize your profits.

Data science jobs are growing, but not all students are given ethics trainings before starting their careers

Colleges around the US are expanding their data science programs to meet labor market demands. Sinology/Getty Images The US Bureau of Labor Statistics says job opportunities in data science will grow by 15% by 2029. But despite more people studying data science in college, some programs lack ethics courses. Formal, standardized trainings would better prepare students to start responsible careers in data.

20 years later, unchecked data collection is part of 9/11’s legacy

John Ackerly Contributor Share on Twitter John Ackerly is co-founder and CEO of Virtru Corporation. Previously, he was an investor at Lindsay Goldberg LLC, served as a technology policy adviser at the White House and was the Policy and Strategic Planning director at the U.S. Department of Commerce. Almost every American adult remembers, in vivid detail, where they were the morning of September 11, 2001.

Understanding ETL Tools as a Data-Centric Organization

The ETL process is defined as the movement of data from its source to destination storage (typically a Data Warehouse) for future use in reports and analyzes. The data is initially extracted from a vast array of sources before transforming and converting it to a specific format based on business requirements. ETL is one of the most integral processes required by Business Intelligence and Analytics use cases since it relies on the data stored in Data Warehouses to build reports and visualizations.

Big Data: The Technology Behind Retailers Success

During the beginning of the pandemic, many businesses went digital, and the retail industry is no exception. Technologies became a crucial part of achieving success in the increasingly competitive market, including big data and analytics. Big data in retail help companies understand their customers better and provide them with more personalized offers. Data-based insights can help make the right decisions, keep up with market trends and navigate the uncertainty.

3 Stocks to Watch Amid Rising Usage of Business Analytics

Watch out for the likes of Adobe (ADBE), International Business Machines (IBM) and SAP (SAP) as the reliance on business analytics for insights and in...

Digital transformation: Five ways to help your business boost customer experience

From product design to business intelligence and onto measuring market metrics, here's what five digital leaders believe businesses should focus on if they want to deliver great tech-enabled customer experiences.

Amazon (AMZN) Boosts AWS Cloud Portfolio With Managed Grafana (Revised)

Amazon (AMZN) announces the general availability of its fully managed data visualization service called Amazon Managed Grafana.
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