Using data management to usher in the future of human resource

Metrics and a human resource dashboard are game changers pushing the most progressive brands around the world to take HR decisions that seem unconventional but prove to be wildly effective.

3 Big Mobile Data Predictions For 2019 Worth Watching

In 2016, IT professionals and web developers alike were astounded at the growth of the mobile web. People were downloading mobile data at a year-over-year growth rate of 125 percent — accounting for a total of 10 billion gigabytes of downloads in a single year — which equaled out to an average of over 31 gigabytes per person in the US. By 2020, Zenith forecasts that people will consume 28 percent of all media via mobile internet, and this could be an underestimate because of 5G.

Is Big Data The Key To Redesign-To-Cost Implementation?

PTC published a fascinating study on the impact of big data on product design. Their white paper illustrated a number of ways that big data can play a valuable role in the evolution of new product design and implementation. “Big data is going to impact many industries, and product design is no exception. That’s in part because engineers will increasingly design sensors and communication technology into their products—like the Google car.

​State and federal governments look to Australia-wide data sharing

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The Australian Digital Council is aiming for a nationally consistent approach to data management and use.

TIBCO acquires Orchestra Networks – Initial Analysis

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It came as a surprise to many the recent announcement that TIBCO has acquired Orchestra Networks, a pure-play master data management (MDM) solution vendor (1). An acquisition of this significance...

Discover The Power of Big Data And Learning Analytics For Education

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Data-driven decision making is all about making decisions that are backed up by solid, verifiable data and not observations. Strategic decision making, which was popularized in the 1980s and 1990s, has transformed into a sophisticated concept. It bears the name of big data. With the help of advanced analytic techniques, it is possible to take a close look at large and varied data sets so as to uncover hidden patterns or correlations.

Farmstead is an ambitious grocery delivery startup with plans to defeat Instacart

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In its 3,000-square-foot warehouse in San Francisco’s Mission District, Farmstead founders Pradeep Elankumaran and Kevin Li, a pair of former Yahoo product managers, plot the future of grocery shopping. “Think of us as if Whole Foods was rebuilt from scratch by tech founders,” Elankumaran, Farmstead’s chief executive officer, told TechCrunch. “Of course we do delivery because it’s 2018 and no one wants to go to the store anymore.” Elankumaran launched San Francisco-based Farmstead in 2016 after Amazon and Instacart’s food delivery services repeatedly disappointed him.

Data visualization can be key to drawing value from information

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Data visualization—the graphical representation of information through components such as charts, graphs, maps and other elements—can help organizations achieve their goals.

More data joy: Email scammers are buying marks’ info from legit biz intelligence firms

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London Blue gang probably has your firm's org chart Black Hat  A Nigerian email scammer gang has evolved to the point where it has corporate-style specialist departments and uses commercial business intelligence data brokers to help plan its attacks.…

Japan’s Sansan raises $26.5M to help Southeast Asia get more from business cards

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The humble business card is a target for disruption in Southeast Asia after Japanese contacts management startup Sansan raised JPY 3 billion ($26.5 million) to expand its business into the region. Founded way back in 2007, Sansan helps bring business intelligence to companies through a system that helps build connections between users and both internal employees and external contacts using, among other things, business cards.
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