Big Data Eases the Burden of Small Forex Traders

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Last year, my colleague Ioana published an article here on the benefits of predictive analytics for the forex industry. She made some very good points about the opportunities that big data and AI offer forex traders. Other experts have shared similar insights. Megan Mary Jane has published a point about the role that predictive analytics and other big data applications have on the industry.

Big Data Makes Multilingual Responsive Design A Reality

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Every website needs to provide a great user experience for its visitors. This is a principle that has been true since the earliest days of the Internet. However, it is becoming even more important, especially as user expectations are increasing and Google has started heavily relying on engagement statistics from analytics data as part of its ranking algorithm. This is one big reason that multilingual responsive design is so important and more achievable than ever.

DB dev waggles GPU-dosed POWER9 server at data warehouse crowd, yells: SQream

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NVLinking CPUs to GPUs chews through workloads GPU database-botherer SQream has said its DB runs up to 150 per cent faster when it uses IBM's POWER9 CPUs linked to the GPUs rather than x86 processors.…

Cloudera and Hortonworks announce $5.2 billion merger

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Over the years, Hadoop, the once high-flying open-source platform, gave rise to many companies and an ecosystem of vendors emerged. It was long believed that some major companies would emerge from the pack, and, sure enough, Hortonworks went public in 2014. Cloudera followed three years later, but the market slowed down and the two companies announced today they are merging in a deal worth $5.2 billion, based on the price at the close of business yesterday.

Facebook adds A.I. to Marketplace for categorization, price suggestions and soon, visual search

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Facebook is celebrating the two-year anniversary of its Craigslist competitor, Facebook Marketplace, with the launch of new features powered by A.I. Specifically, the social network says it’s adding price range suggestions and auto-categorization features to make selling easier, and it says it’s testing camera features that would use A.I. to make product recommendations. Automating price suggestions and categorization, however, is not unique to Facebook – eBay earlier this year introduced a feature in its mobile app that will fill out your listings for you, using technologies like structured data and predictive analytics.

Here are the companies that pitched in Startup Battlefield MENA

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Today in lovely Beirut, Lebanon TechCrunch held its first Startup Battlefield in the country. Over 700 people watched the show on site, which featured speakers from throughout the Middle East and 15 startups competing in Startup Battlefield. A winner will be chosen at the end of the day and they will walk away with a $25,000 prize. As of this post’s publication, a winner has not been picked.

Making business analytics as easy to use as a smartphone

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Envestnet|Yodlee wants accessing data to be as simple as selecting a song to play, while bringing institutional analytic power to the bank branch level.

Reanimated Violin returns to scene with flashy XVS 8 array, and, er, AR app

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NVMe-FC, predictive analytics and roadmap away from VIMMs Violin Systems is making the most of being rescued by private equity, with new hardware and software, and a focus on tossing its hat into the all-flash array performance ring.…

Best practices for aligning business strategy with data management

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Data is the engine that supports both strategic and operational decisions; these decisions depend on what you know and what you know depends on the information provided by the data.

Data And The Cloud: The 21st Century Lawyer

Practitioners of law — be it through law firms, legal departments or individual lawyers — have always been dependent on data. Of course, it’s only recently that a majority of that data is digital, through what we refer to as big data. As you may know, big data is powered by cloud computing, AI and machine learning, as well as a variety of digital analytics platforms.
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