January reader favorite: 11 top paying data management & database administration jobs

Next to IT management, these are among the highest salaries available in information technology. Here’s a look at what each role demands.

Blueprint: Succeed with BI-on-The-Data-Lake

Learn the best practices used by companies like Toyota, TD, and GSK as they rolled out Central Business Analytics Units to deliver full self-service analytics to all, while governing access to enterprise data.

AI may hold the key to success with predictive analytics

Traditional machine learning techniques can be very labor intensive, but artificial intelligence can learn and improve performance results quickly, says John Crupi.

Swiss Re taps SpatialKey for predictive analytics in underwriting

Insurtech's software will help Swiss Re clients get better performance from risk selection, the companies assert.

Multi-lingual Capabilities of Big Data Solutions

One of the greatest difficulties that one might encounter on the internet is big data management. These days, everything is on the internet. Even now you can manage your bank accounts and all kinds of business details on the internet. People are now earning their livelihood just by using a computer. This is amazing. While it creates exciting new opportunities, it also leads to a number of new challenges as well.

How Could New Big Data Technology Benefit Wealth Management Industry?

Big Data has become one of the most discussed topics in the financial services industry, given that financial services often have to deal with huge amounts of data on a regular basis. Wealth management is one area of this industry which could greatly benefit from Big Data and the ability to analyse it. Here is a look at some of the ways Big Data technology could revolutionise wealth management firms and their ability to serve their clients’ needs.

Oracle adds data management services to EPM cloud

Oracle said the new Enterprise Data Management Cloud brings improvements to data integrity and alignment to help enterprises reconcile financial data sets.

Firms embracing predictive analytics will gain competitive edge

Organizations combining innovative talent, diverse data, and applied intelligence can use data-driven insights to improve business outcomes and customer experience, says Debbie Polishook.

Businesses Use Inbound Comms to Generate Market Data

If you’re a fan of shows like Shark Tank, you’re probably familiar with the many product pitches that fail. Many fail because of one key answer that the entrepreneur gives to the panel. What is this deadly answer? Question: “How do you know that this product will be profitable?” Answer: “Well, it’s a $18 billion market. So even a 1% slice of this massive market is worth $180 million!” Bzzzz.

Oracle expands its autonomous technology across its cloud platform

The autonomous technology in the Oracle Autonomous Database will now be rolled out to application development, app and data integration, analytics and system and identity management.
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