Here Are The Skills You Need To Work With Big Data

A data analyst is a professional whose work involves collecting, cleaning, visualizing, and transforming or modeling raw data into the blocks of information that are used by marketers, developers and even accountants. The workflow of a data analyst is defined by the needs of a company or organization, but the final deliverable is always the same: well-structured and easy to retrieve data.

Tableau tangos with the enterprise

Beyond the headlines of the new natural language query, Tableau is diving deeper into data management in this release, dancing in territory addressed by partners. And while we’re talking natural language query, what about voice?

Why It’s So Hard to Fight Instinct vs. Data in BI Decision-Making

In the days before robust business intelligence (BI) platforms existed, professionals usually had to rely on experience and gut instinct when making decisions. Now, data analysis tools can give solid conclusions gleaned from months or years of compiled information. Even so, the people who dig through data still have difficulty trusting what the data says and quieting their gut instincts. Gut Instinct Viewed as Part of the Self Findings from the American Psychological Association revealed some people view gut instincts as reflections of their true selves.

Hacker who stole 620 million records strikes again, stealing 127 million more

A hacker who stole close to 620 million user records from 16 websites has stolen another 127 million records from 8 more websites, TechCrunch has learned. The hacker, whose listing was the previously disclosed data for about $20,000 in bitcoin on a dark web marketplace, stole the data last year from several major sites — some that had already been disclosed, like over 151 million records from MyFitnessPal and 25 million records from Animoto.

Data integration issues still impede digital progress, survey shows

Survey says data integration is more of a struggle than ever. Standards to the rescue?

Zoho’s office suite gets smarter

As far as big tech companies go, Zoho is a bit different. Not only has it never taken any venture funding, it also offers more than 40 products that range from its online office suite to CRM and HR tools, email, workflow automation services, video conferencing, a bug tracker and everything in-between. You don’t often hear about it, but the company has more than 45 million users worldwide and offices in the U.S., Netherlands, Singapore, Dubai, Yokohama and Beijing — and it owns its data centers, too.

22 top analytics and business intelligence platforms

Qlik, Tableau, ThoughtSpot and Microsoft are among the top providers of analytics and business intelligence platforms, according to a new Gartner study.

Medivis has launched its augmented reality platform for surgical planning

After two years of development, Medivis, a New York-based company developing augmented reality data integration and visualization tools for surgeons, is bringing its first product to market. The company was founded by Osamah Choudhry and Christopher Morley who met as senior residents at NYU Medical Center. Initially a side-project, the two residents roped in some engineers to help develop their first prototypes and after a stint in NYU’s Summer Launchpad program the two decided to launch the company.

Why the ranks of citizen data scientists will grow and thrive

The citizen data scientist is anyone who works with data and predictive analytics, but isn’t a data scientist or an expert in stats and analytics.

Mode, a collaborative analytics platform focused on empowering data scientists, just landed $23 million in fresh funding

Mode, a five-year-old collaborative analytics platform based in San Francisco, has raised $23 million in Series C funding led by Valor Equity Partners. Foundation Capital and REV Venture Partners, who led Mode’s Series A and B financing rounds, respectively, also joined the round, which brings the company’s total funding to $50 million altogether. In some ways, the investment is a bet on the continuing need for data scientists, despite the many companies that are focused on making data analysis available and understandable to a broader swath of employees, like Snowflake and BigQuery.
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