Why Local SEO Strategies Require AI Technology – Here’s Why

AI barely played a role in the beginning of online search engines. The earliest search engines accepted payments from companies that wanted to be at the top of the listings. However, AI is becoming more important than ever. Google is using AI to assign SERPs more than ever. Savvy SEO strategists are also using AI too. AI is also important in local SEO, because businesses need to know how to automate essential functions and identify approaches that get the best results.

Remagine secures $35M fund backed by media giants to focus on entertainment and media tech

Remagine Ventures is a relatively new European VC fund which focuses on investments in entertainment tech, including AI, gaming, sports & eSports, AR/VR, consumer and commerce. It’s now completed $35 million in funding from a number of entertainment and media corporations, including Axel Springer and ProsiebenSat1, Japanese Adways and American Liontree LLC. Last year global media group Sky put $4 million into the fund as part of the launch of its new innovation office in Berlin.

Report reveals where IT and Line of Business goals clash

If businesses want to build a comprehensive data management strategy that advances business objectives, they need to resolve certain points of friction, according to a survey from Cloudera and Harvard Business Review Analytic Services.

Is it time to update your data warehouse and retool your analytics? Google Cloud’s gurus are here to guide you

Get the answers you need this month – and ready your systems for the 2020s Promo  If you are beginning to wonder whether your familiar old data warehouse and analytics solutions can keep pace with the fast-moving modern world, you should check out today's state-of-the-art data-handling and analytics systems.…

Weighing the benefits of embedded analytics on business processes

Many organizations have developed a desperate need for business analytics to be integrated into every process. That is where embedded analytics comes into play.

How Up-And-Coming Music Companies Use Big Data For Optimal Results

Big data has brought major changes to countless industries. Healthcare, finance, criminal justice, and manufacturing have all been touched by advances in big data. However, big data is also transforming other industries. The music industry is relying more on big data than ever. Darren Heitner wrote a great article on Inc. About the way that big data is revolutionizing the industry. This is a great opportunity for smaller studios and artists to get their name out.

Master Tableau, the platform that takes boring raw data and turns it into stunning visuals

TL;DR: The informative Mastering Tableau Certification Bundle is on sale for $25, down from $770. Forget about deep dives and synergy, data is the buzzword of 2019. While data informs most, if not all, major company decisions these days, raw data isn't exactly what "moves the needle."  These days, it's all about using data to tell a story, one that provides actionable, digestible insights.

5 Ingenious Big Data Strategies To Skyrocket Email Marketing Conversions

Big data is playing an essential role in virtually every facet of the digital marketing sphere. You can use big data to get higher conversion rates with any digital marketing medium, including email marketing. The ROI of email marketing is exceptional already. The average email marketer realizes a return of 3,700%. This figure can be a lot higher if you use big data to properly optimize your campaigns.

Data Visualization Techniques for Marketing

Marketing and data analytics practitioners possess ocular superpowers. When they look at a sea of numbers in a spreadsheet, they’re able to spot trends that mere mortals cannot see. Unfortunately,...

How Health Literacy is Decoding the Human Longevity Mystery

Understanding how to be your healthiest self isn’t easy, and it’s not automatic. Health and wellness are complex topics with several nuances that can make most people feel overwhelmed and undereducated. When those feelings get too intense, people are more likely to shy away from health completely. It can be easy for people to tune out when they come across health information and to feel suffocated by the sheer number of scientific studies or articles on wellness that spread like wildfire across the internet and take over social network feeds.
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