Data integration and integrity software market expected to triple by 2026

The market continues to grow, as organizations strive to get a unified view of the information they are gathering from enterprise applications, Web sites, social media, mobile devices and the Internet of Things.

10 top business intelligence and analytics trends for 2020

Here are 10 top business intelligence trends that will disrupt the industry in 2020 - from data quality management to data discovery, artificial intelligence and collaborative BI.

To measure sales efficiency, SaaS startups should use the 4×2

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Brian Ascher Contributor Share on Twitter Brian Ascher is a partner at Venrock, where he invests broadly across enterprise and fintech and serves on the boards of several companies, including Personal Capital, 6Sense, Socrates AI, Dynamic Signal, Retail Solutions, SmartBiz Loans, and Inrix. More posts by this contributor Running through walls: 6Sense’s Amanda Kahlow on values that stick Running Through Walls: Dynamic Signal’s Russ Fradin on how good businesses constantly pivot Once you’ve found product/market fit, scaling a SaaS business is all about honing go-to-market efficiency.

Startup Entrepreneurs Need to Take Business Intelligence Seriously in 2020

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Today's founders have access to a wide range of decision-making tools. The question is whether they're using them.

Will Machine Learning Save The Struggling Airline Industry?

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In June, Aviation Today published a great article on the state of machine learning and AI in the airline industry. The article showed that machine learning and AI are helping the industry become more lucrative in the 21st Century. The airline industry has started relying more on machine learning technology as new challenges threaten to cripple its business. They will need it to survive if things go further south.

Master Data Management (MDM) Goes Open-Source

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Until now enterprise master data management (MDM) solutions have required a perpetual software license, or a subscription. However, this has now changed. Unidata an emerging MDM solution vendor has taken...

Many firms confused on proper data sanitization practices, adding to risk levels

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Current data management misconceptions are prompting many decision makers to mistakenly choose inadequate data sanitization methods and put their organizations at risk.

Predictive Analytics Advances Rewrite Rules On Corporate Conferences

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In years past, it was quite the cumbersome task to put together corporate conferences for the dissemination of important information and trends among industry stakeholders. It was only within the last few years that advancements in technology have provided efficient ways to bring large groups of stakeholders together for them to share information. One of the hot topics on the conference circuit today is how business owners and principals can use predictive analysis to run their respective businesses.

Here are the 13 most expensive stocks to bet against

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Associated Press Betting against some company stocks can be more expensive than owning them.  Clovis Oncology, currently the most expensive stock to short, boasts a 109% borrow fee according to data from S3 Partners, a financial analytics firm. Here are the top 13 stocks with the highest borrow fees, according S3 Partners.  Read more on Business Insider.  Short selling, or the practice of betting that a stock's price will fall instead of rise, can be an expensive business.  That's because the price to borrow shares of some stocks can be more expensive than owning them, data show.

AWS speeds up Redshift queries 10x with AQUA

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At its re:Invent conference, AWS CEO Andy Jassy today announced the launch of AQUA (the Advanced Query Accelerator) for Amazon Redshift, the company’s data warehousing service. As Jassy noted in his keynote, it’s hard to scale data warehouses when you want to do analytics over that data. At some point, as your data warehouse or lake grows, the data starts overwhelming your network or available compute, even with today’s highspeed networks and chips.
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